Undergraduate Projects

Why you should consider the Cognition & Action Lab for your Honour's Research Project:

Contact Randy Flanagan if you are interested in seeing the lab and discussing possible projects.

Graduate Study

The lab currently has space for one or two additional graduate students.

Students can apply either to the Department of Psychology Graduate Program or the Queen's Neuroscience Graduate Program. Funding is available from the Lab, Department, University, and extra-mural agencies.

Please email Randy Flanagan for more information.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

The lab has a strong track record of attracting postdoctoral fellows, many of whom now have academic positions. If you are interested in carrying out postdoctoral work in the lab please contact Randy Flanagan.

Note that the lab works closely with Jason Gallivan's lab at Queen's and, together, the two labs provide a strong environment for both neuroimaging and behavioural studies.